The Round Barn is available for both Prom and Graduation parties!


Our guidelines are a little bit different for a Prom than a wedding, so please refer to this page for the specifics. All of our Rules apply, along with a few other guidelines for both student safety and ease of traffic flow.

  • Schools are required to provide security, either a hired company or designated chaperones.
  • Students must be escorted by a security person or chaperone when going to the parking lot for any reason.
  • Class Adviser to provide The Orrmont Estate with a list of official attendees: students, vendors, guests, chaperones, etc. Those not on the list will be turned away.
  • Appropriate dress code applies to all attendees, chaperones, and advisers.
  • Max capacity is 300 people, including chaperones.


Graduation Party

Graduation parties can be booked any day, but we generally have the most availability on Sundays. The Graduation party package is a block of seven hours, including set up and clean up time. Up to four graduates can be honored in one party for more fun and sharing expenses. We provide trash cans and trash bags, ice maker, refrigeration, and work space for staging food (no onsite cooking). You are free to host your own music, snacks, games, etc. We also have a staff member on site during that time to answer any questions you have, take out the trash and act as the bartender for the length of the party; serving drinks to the guests.

Opportunities for upgrades are available.