The Round Barn (technically it’s an octagon, more than six sides=round) was built around 1880 so it has the old beams and everything you want in a Barn Venue! We have been hosting weddings since 2004 and know what it takes to be a great wedding venue-Bridal Lounge with a private bathroom, fridge, water, and coffee. Groom’s Locker Room with a fridge, water, coffee, and a large TV. Close parking and loading area, and staff to help your event go smoothly, tables and chairs, ceremony chairs, bar setup, and ice are all part of the deal!

And now, we have an HVAC system, so you can have both the summer wedding and comfort if it is a scorcher. Yay for air conditioning! Or if you’ve always wanted a winter wedding, but also a barn wedding, we’re your venue. The Round Barn is insulated so your guests will be comfortable no matter the temperature outside. Best of all worlds for your Best Day Ever!

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