Here are some things you may want to know:


There are 300 ‘wedding white’ garden chairs that can be arranged however you choose for the ceremony (we set up). We provide wooden x-back chairs for the reception in the  barn that are set up at your discretion (we set up). You can put up to eight chairs at a table (6 is spacious, 8 is full).


There are three long harvest style tables for your head table and two for your buffet. Dimensions: 2 ½ ft x 8 ft and 30 in tall. There are 32 round tables. Dimensions: 5 ft across and 30 in tall. The cake table is a 4 ft round. You can rent (at your expense) more or different tables.


We have party lights strung on the outer edge of the barn as well as up towards the top. There are additional lights on the posts at the perimeter of the barn. There are lights to light up the parking area, as well as the outside of the barn. All of the lights are on dimmers so the lighting can be adjusted for all of your needs.


There are outlets on the outer wall of the barn We provide several extension cords for your use.


The Round Barn has windows and doors that can be opened for air flow on mild days. There is an HVAC system on more extreme days. Heat is included November-March, other months heat or AC is an additional cost.


There is not a kitchen for the caterers to use, however they have limited access to water and ice in the caterer prep room. There is no on-site cooking (including roasting pans) and food trucks are permitted.


No nails or pins of any kind is permitted on the barn, tables, or chairs. Please tie decorations; ask if you are not sure how to tie or attach your decorations, we would be happy to help you. Battery powered candles are permitted in the barn (no open flames). No glitter or confetti.


There are large trash cans for your use/caterers use, as well as a dumpster on site. We empty the trash cans during your event (we provide bags).


All trash must be in trash bags, we will dispose. Everything you brought in must be taken with you, in a trash bag for disposal, or put in the dumpster. We provide a broom and dust pan for your use as well as rags for any major clean up. No need to stack chairs or move tables.


Barn sides are 30 feet long. One table (round or long) with its chairs fits comfortably in a 10ft x 10ft space.

Good luck planning! Feel free to e-mail questions to . We’ll contact you to set up an appointment the week before your wedding to finalize the placement of tables, chairs, etc. and to collect the balance due. We allow one hour for this appointment.