Orrmont Farm has origins that go back over 100 years so please be gentle with your surroundings, we really appreciate it. If you  need anything or have any questions, please just ask, our names are Tim and Janelle.

Vehicles must stay on the driveway/parking lot There is service parking right next to the barn in front of the big doors. Please use that as an unloading space and then park vehicles in the parking lot during the event.

If you need an extension cord, there are several hanging on hooks in the catering room. Please return them when you are done. If you need power for the ceremony, please see one of us and we will get you plugged in to the nearest outlet.

No songs with foul language or explicit lyrics, even if someone (including the bride or groom) requests it. Radio versions are fine.

Volume must be reasonable for our neighbors, generally it needs to go down if the music goes past 11:00 pm.

We request that you announce where the restrooms are (in the addition) and that there is no smoking in the barn or restrooms, the smoking area is out by the silo. Exit the man door to the left of the bar and down to the Silo. Please make this announcement after the ceremony as people are waiting for the bride and groom to finish pictures, as well as after dinner. If you see anyone smoking in the barn, please make another announcement about where the smoking area is located